Friday, June 11, 2010

New imprint worth knowing about

While I have to admit that I haven't read every title from Tyrus Books, those that I have read were impressive indeed.

Last fall Tyrus kicked off its publishing venture with Peter Gadol's Silver Lake (a finalist for the Lambda Literary Award) and Between the Dark and the Daylight, a massive short story collection with pieces by Michael Connelly, Joyce Carol Oates and Charlaine Harris, among many more. Came the spring and we got the hilarious serial killer thriller Hello Kitty Must Die, the short story collection Delta Blues (with works by John Grisham, James Lee Burke, Ace Atkins and other) and now another winner in Stein, Stoned (set for release July 1).

Stein, Stoned by screenwriter and UCLA professor Hal Ackerman mixes marijuana and murder in a giddy mystery of a dead fashion model, stolen shampoo bottles and disappearing cannabis. As the aging, divorced, pot-deprived Harry Stein stumbles into one seemingly unrelated situation after another, we get insight into the muddled mind of this aging hippie at the end of the last millenium. Stein, Stoned introduces a winning cast of characters and is the beginning of what may be a winning series of reefer-riffing, "soft-boiled" murder mysteries.

Other writers of note in Tyrus' writing stable include Victor Gischler, Michael Lister, Mary Logue and Lynn Kostoff. Of interest to many here in the Northeast will be the August 2010 publication of Randal Peffer's Listen to the Dead, the fifth installment in the Cape Islands series. This tale of drugs, sex and murder is inspired by the unsolved 1988 serial killings in New Bedford, Mass. Fans of Bangkok Dragons, Cape Cod Tears won't want to miss that one.

In the fall, Moe Prager returns in a new novel from Reed Farrel Coleman, titled Innocent Monster (Note: Come September, Busted Flush will bring us Coleman's Soul Patch and Empty Ever After in paperback), and Amos Walker: The Complete Story Collection, offering 600-plus pages of Loren D. Estleman's Detroit detectve.

I can't wait.

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