Wednesday, March 19, 2008

What's cooking

Berkley Prime Crime has just published the first of a new bookstore series, Lorna Barrett's Murder is Binding. And while I'm not immediately drawn to books illustrated with a cat on the cover and a blurb that states "Includes Recipes," I always give them a cursory look just to get the flavor of book.

Imbedded in the copyright page is the following:

PUBLISHER'S NOTE: The recipes contained in this book are to be followed exactly as written. The publisher is not responsible for your specific health or allergy needs that may require medical supervision. The publisher is not responsible for any adverse reactions to the recipes contained in this book.

I can only wonder whether a recipe book should have that warning. Or if murder mysteries should state: The murder techniques and alibis used in the perpetration of the crimes in this book are fictional. Criminals should consult their lawyer prior to the commission of a crime. The publisher is not repsonsible for the reader getting caught attempting a similar crime.

I guess we do live in a litigious society.


Lesa said...

Oh, David! I noticed the Publisher's Note as well, but I really appreciate your cautionary note. Thanks for a good laugh.

Hank Phillippi Ryan said...

David--that is truly funny!

And you've possibly latched on to the latest incarnation of a growing trend. I saw a set of angel wings in a costume shop once--and literally, they were labeled: Not real wings.

You made my day..

see you soon!