Monday, March 31, 2008

A fine romance: part deux

Back on March 28 I wrote that the Romance Writers of America had nominated some mystery authors and lamented: "Author Hank Phillippi Ryan received two nominations: ... one for Romantic Suspense and one for Best First Book. Sadly, both of Ryan's books, Face Time and Prime Time, currently are listed as Permanently Out of Stock at the publisher. Both books were published less than a year ago. Go figure."

Well, since then Ryan's publisher has discovered that Ryan is a find and will be reissuing both Prime Time and Face Time next fall in anticipation of Air Time, Ryan's third Charlotte McNally mystery, hitting bookshelves in September '09 . Not only that, they will be reissued under Harlequin's MIRA imprint (originally they were available as Next editions).

The news is good for Ryan as the Next titles are fairly disposable (they are even dated with the month and year of issue like a magazine) while MIRA has shelf life attached to it.

According to Ryan, September '10 will bring us Drive Time, so her fans can expect some more romantic mystery for a couple of years.

See, people ... those awards nominations sometimes pay off.

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Hank Phillippi Ryan said...


Thanks, David, for your post on my fantastic news. After 30 years as a television reporter, (and still on the air) to enter the mystery/romantic suspense field is truly a challenge. It's exciting, and amazing, and thrilling. And you know-- inspiring--makes me want to work even harder.

And I'm so excited that I'll be coming to see you soon! I've got lots of secrets to share...and I'm ready to answer absolutely any question. And we'll figure out a way to get books for everyone.

all best and looking forward to it..