Thursday, January 31, 2008

Bloody Brits

Let's hear it for Bloody Brits press. Under the watchful eye of author Val McDermid (she gave us the books that Wire in the TV show Blood is based on) the press is bringing great British authors to America. In addition to publishing works by Chaz Brenchley, Ann Cleeves, Sarah Diamond and a host of others, Bloody Brits has begun reissuing John Harvey's Charles Resnick series. The first in the series, Lovely Hearts, was named one of the top mysteries of the century by the London Times and was reissued late last fall. Just off the presses are Rough Treatment and Cutting Edge; coming soon is Off Minor. These modern-day urban police procedurals are among the best there are. If you haven't met Resnick and his team, you've been given a second chance. Don't miss it this time.
Speaking of John Harvey: Gone to Ground, his new police procedural, is currently in hardcover from Harcourt. A new detective, Will Grayson, and his partner Helen Walker investigate the death of a gay academic who was writing a book on a '50s film star. When the body turns up and the writer's computer is misssing, the detectives suspect that the film star must be involved.

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